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Agency Profile, Who We Are:
The Family Pantry-Damien’s Place, 3065 Cranberry Highway, East Wareham, is named for Fr. Damien DeVeuster, a member of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Fr. Damien was a missionary in the Hawaiian Islands who dedicated his last years caring for the abandoned lepers of Molokai, and himself contracted the disease while ministering to those less fortunate. Fr. Damien died in 1889, a victim of his charity for others. Fr. Tom
Fr. GabeIn the spirit of Fr. Damien, Fr. Gabriel Healy, ss.cc. and Fr.Fr. Thomas McElroy, ss.cc. Thomas McElroy, Fr. Gabriel Healy, ss.cc.ss.cc. founded the Pantry 25 years ago in April 1992. The pantry was established to meet the needs of the poor and needy in southeastern Massachusetts by providing nutritious food to families, the disabled, the elderly and the homeless. Since 1992, the Pantry has fed thousands of people each year, over 22,500 in 2016. Our motto has always been that “No one goes to bed hungry.”
We are staffed with one part-time employee and over 120 dedicated volunteers who generously donate their time and talent to serve those in need. Money raised is used to defray the cost of running the facility.

We are a community-based organization and we work in conjunction with many charitable agencies. United Way of Greater New Bedford and its Hunger Commission, Project Bread, Emergency Food and Shelter Program, and the Community Economic Development Authority assist in our efforts. Grants from the Island Foundation, Stop & Shop and others and assistance from local churches, schools, benevolent organizations and businesses help keep us going. We receive over 95% of the food we distribute from The Greater Boston Food Bank. We could not continue this ministry without the Food Bank AND the many individual donors who continuously support and make donations to our mission.
If you would like to donate, a wish list of needed items are on the DONATIONS page.